Sunday’s Sample – On the Corner of Heartache and Hopeful – KIRA by Lynda Bailey

This Sunday’s Sample is On the Corner of Heartache and Hopeful – KIRA by Lynda Bailey!  Here’s the Sample from Lynda’s contemporary romance.  Thanks for being our guest, Lynda, and sharing your sample.

KIRA_800-200x300Thanks so much to Laurel for hosting me today! This “First Kiss” is from my most recent release, On the Corner of Heartache and Hopeful—KIRA. Here’s the blurb:

When Kira Schafer’s mega-millionaire—and seriously controlling—father insists she marry one his company’s junior executives or get cut out of the will, her decision is an easy one. As much as she loves her dad, she won’t be bullied into a marriage where her needs aren’t met. So she leaves the big city to settle in a small Nebraskan town. And maybe, just maybe, the quiet, country life will calm the deep-seated spanking urges which have plagued her for years.

Hunter Rice has one goal: clear his name of doping charges and resume his boxing career. The only thing worse than not being in the ring is being trapped in Podunk, Nebraska. He’s got a plan to solve his problem, but needs money. Money he doesn’t have until a super rich guy pays him to “convince” his daughter to move back home. When the setbacks to Kira’s business fail to prompt her return, Hunter resorts to kidnapping to ensure father and daughter are reunited.

Kira not only thwarts his plan, she turns the tables. Now Hunter faces attempted assault and kidnapping charges unless he spends the weekend doing exactly as she says. Rock, meet hard place. It isn’t until cloistered in her apartment that he learns about her spanking fetish—and how he’s the one who will administer said spanking. Despite his initial hesitation, he and Kira soar to erotic heights. During their time together, Hunter also learns he likes this woman—a lot. Maybe even enough to reconsider returning to boxing. Maybe small town life won’t be so bad with the right woman. But Kira has a different plan, one that has her going home and Hunter going back into the ring…

This excerpt is for mature readers only!

“Until me?”

“Until you.”

He barely heard her words. “So why me and why now?”

“Now because you owe me. And you because you’re…well…you.”

Hunter slipped his finger under her chin and tipped her face up until she again met his gaze. “What does that mean? I’m me?”

She rolled her eyes. “Oh, c’mon, dude. You’re a boxer with a killer bod who smells great and has this awesome python tat. I’ve always thought you were hot.”

That jumped his eyebrows. “Really?”

Another eye roll. “Geez, yes. Everyone in this town wants to have your baby. From the high school cheerleaders to the little old ladies. Hell, I’d bet some of the men would volunteer to carry your kid to term. How could I go against all the public opinion?”

A slow grin curved his lips. She returned the smile then her gaze dipped to his mouth and her smile faded. So did his. He brought his hand up to caress her hair.

“Tell me, Kira. When’s the last time you had plain, ole straight up sex?”

She bit her lower lip then slowly released the pink flesh. “It’s been a while. I probably don’t remember how to do it.”

He gently coaxed her to shift upward until their lips almost touched. Her breath tasted like peppermint. “You know it’s just like riding a bicycle.”

“Good thing,” she murmured against his mouth. “Because the way my legs and ass are burning, I think I’ll be the one doing the riding.”

“Fine by me.”

He joined his lips to hers in a tender kiss. She shifted a leg over his and inched her knee up to his bulging groin. She applied just the right pressure for stars to erupt behind his closed lids. He groaned into her mouth, lightly cradling the back of her head in his palm. She slipped her tongue inside to waltz with his.

This kiss was in direct opposition to what they’d experienced before. It made Hunter wonder how many times she’d had sex where a hefty dose of pain wasn’t involved. He realized a fine line existed between pleasure and pain and decided Kira needed to take the lead here. In whatever direction she chose. If she preferred it rough, he’d accommodate her. But it was going to be her call.


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Thanks again, Laurel, for having me here today!

Sunday’s Sample – The Lady and the Falconer

This Sunday’s Sample is The Lady and The Falconer by me, Laurel O’Donnell!  Here’s the Sample from my historical romance.  Enjoy this romance sample!

Laurel-ODonnell-The-Lady-and-the-Falconer-800px-197x300“Who are you?” she asked softly.

“Logan,” he replied.

Solace’s heart pounded, her eyes captivated by the way his lips caressed the word.  “Logan,” she repeated dully through the haze of fog that had enveloped her.  Her gaze shifted to his silver eyes, eyes the color of glinted steel.  She could smell the thick scent of leather and something musky and…  masculine.  Even though their bodies weren’t touching, she could feel the strength emanating from him, the power.  She wanted him to touch her, wanted to feel his fingers on her skin, his lips on hers.  The thought frightened her, and she pulled away with such force that her head smacked the plate armor behind her.  Even with Logan’s hand on it, it swung backward.

Suddenly, she was swept into his arms, and he turned his back to the suit of mail as it lurched forward, clutching her in his embrace and hunching his shoulders to protect her.

The suit of armor toppled around them, crashing to the floor.  Solace hid behind Logan for a long moment after the noise had ceased.  Then, realizing what had happened, she lifted her head.  His arms were still around her, a fact that was strangely reassuring.  But it was in his eyes she found true comfort.  There was something tender and caring deep within his orbs, and for a moment Solace thought it was worry as his gaze swept her face, looking for something.  So intensely did they search that she believed he could see into her very soul, see the reason why she still clung to him, see the reason for the ease with which her body lay against his.

Embarrassed, she looked away.  The scattered pieces of plate mail on the floor caught her attention, and she lowered her eyes to the fallen shield.  Blue and gold reflected up at her in the sun’s bright light.  There was a crest upon the shield, but before she could look at it, Logan’s hand was at the nape of her neck, turning her head toward his.  His lips descended over hers, desperately, warming hers with his, igniting a fire so hot that it threatened to consume her.  She clung to him as if he were her only hope at salvation.  She tilted her head to his in an innocent mixture of curiosity and relinquishment.  His desperation turned into a slow seduction as he gently coaxed her mouth to open to him with gentle touches of his lips and tongue against her soft skin.

She tentatively parted her lips for him, and he urged them wider, entering her mouth with his tongue, exploring the soft recesses.  A groan escaped her lips, and she leaned fully against his strong, hard body.

Logan broke the kiss, pulling back slightly.  “You shouldn’t be here alone,” he repeated.

His body was pressed against hers, and his arms were still securely around her, binding her to him.  Solace stared at him through half-opened eyes.  She felt she was floating, caught in a foggy dream.

“It’s dangerous,” he whispered.

Sunday’s Sample – Arouse by Nina Lane

Our Sunday’s Sample is Arouse by Nina Lane!  Here’s the Sample from Nina’s erotic romance.  Thanks for being our guest, Nina, and sharing your sample.

NinaLane_Arouse-200x300After dinner, we had coffee and shared a sinfully rich chocolate torte. He took a couple of bites, then sat back and watched me. Warm tension tightened my belly. I swiped a dollop of chocolate from my lower lip.

“You, ah… you look at me a lot,” I remarked.

“You’re very pretty.”

I didn’t know about that, but the compliment poured through me like honey. “I like the way you look too.”

That was an understatement. One glance at him and I went all hot and fluttery inside.

He leaned forward, resting an elbow on the table. Curiosity and heat simmered in his expression.

“What is it about you, Olivia?” he asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Why are you so sweet and determined and guarded all at once?”

“I didn’t know I was all those things.”

“You are. Why?”

I shrugged and sank my fork into the torte again. If I was eating, I couldn’t talk much. “This is really good.”

Dean’s mouth twitched with a smile, but his eyes were still curious as he sat back again. He continued watching me as I polished off the torte and scraped the plate clean.

By the time he paid the bill and retrieved our coats, I’d realized the danger of Professor Dean West. If I let him, he would slide right past all my defenses. No one had ever done that before.

We went outside into the cold. He didn’t touch me. This time, though, I wanted him to. I nudged his elbow. He looked at me, then extended his arm and waited. I moved closer, falling into step beside him as we walked back to State Street.

It felt exactly the way I’d imagined it would, pressed to his side with his body heat flowing into me and his arm strong and tight around my shoulders. I fit against him like a puzzle piece locking into place.

“Where do you live?” he asked.

“Off Dayton Street, not far from the Kohl Center. I walked.”

“Next time I’ll pick you up.”

My pulse leapt at the idea that there would be a next time.

“And this time,” Dean said, “I’ll drive you home. I’m parked by the museum.”

When we reached the parking lot, he unlocked the door of a black sedan and ushered me inside before getting into the driver’s seat. I told him my address, and we fell silent on the short ride home. The buildings of downtown passed by in a blur of light and shadows.

When he pulled up in front of my apartment, my damned nerves got tense again. I fumbled around collecting my bag and buttoning my coat.

“So, thank you,” I said. “That was really nice.”

“Yes, it was. Thank you too.”

I took hold of the door handle. “I’ll just…”


I turned to face him. His eyes glittered in the light of the streetlamps. He reached out slowly, as if he were trying not to startle a kitten, and curled his hand around my wrist.

His touch spiraled heat into my blood, igniting flashes of unbearably intimate thoughts—me in his arms, his lips sliding over my throat, his hands on my bare breasts. The air grew hot, compressed.

“I’m going to kiss you now,” Dean said.

My heart crashed against my chest, and a hard tremble swept through me. I parted my lips to draw in a breath.

“I… okay.”

He leaned across the console and lifted his hands to cup my face. His touch was gentle, still cautious, but the heat brewing in his eyes left me in no doubt as to his desire. We were closer than we’d ever been before, so close that I could see the darker ring of brown surrounding his irises.

For a moment, we just stared at each other. Then his hands tightened on me as he lowered his mouth to mine. And the world fell away the instant our lips touched.


AROUSE: A SPIRAL OF BLISS NOVEL is available now at Amazon:

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Sunday’s Sample – A Knight of Honor by Laurel O’Donnell

LaurelODonnell_AKnightofHonor_600px-197x300Here’s a Sunday Sample of Laurel’s medieval romance novel, A Knight of Honor!

“Stand here,” Taylor instructed, pulling him in front of her like a shield.

At least that would protect her, Slane thought.

But suddenly, she threw herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck. Slane would have tumbled backward, had he not braced himself by splaying his hands on the sides of the doorway. He opened his mouth to reprimand her, but she quickly pressed her lips and her body against his.

Stunned into immobility, Slane gaped as she slid her lips across his, pressed her tiny body to his quickly hardening one. He jerked and tried to pull away, but her embrace held him tightly to her chest.

Slane managed to slide his lips off of hers and exclaim, “What in God’s blood are you doing, woman? Have you lost your senses?”

“Unless you want to lose more than your senses, you’ll return my affection and make it good,” she warned in a whisper, nibbling his ear.

Jolts of pleasure shot through Slane’s body. His mind told him to resist her, but his body was already succumbing to her seduction. Then his quickly fogging mind focused enough to realize what she was doing. A desperate disguise: a harlot and her customer.

She slid her mouth across his jaw and pressed her lips against his again, running her hands through his hair, clinging to him as if his lips were the only thing that could save her. Slane wrapped his arms around her tiny waist, wanting to reassure her. He knew it had to look convincing or they were done for.

He ran his tongue lightly across her lips, coaxing her to open to him. He felt her quiver beneath him as she parted her lips. She was either a very talented actress or…

Distantly, Slane heard footsteps march closer in the street, and he pulled her tighter against him. He thrust his tongue deep into her mouth. A soft groan escaped her parted lips. A groan that sent his world tumbling end over end.

The curves of her body fit snugly against the ridges in his; her full breasts pressed heavily against the battle-hewn muscles in his chest. Tingles followed the trail her fingers left along his skin; prickles of heat inflamed his soul. The essence of her seemed to take on solid form, enclosing him in a swirl of passion. He no longer heard the footsteps in the streets, no longer cared if they were caught; he only wanted this moment to go on forever.

Then a man cleared his throat behind Slane. Even as Taylor’s kiss warmed his body, the threat of danger pierced the moment like a dagger. He almost reached for his sword.

Taylor’s hands moved over his waist and down to his buttocks. He battled with control as she gently squeezed, running her hands over the firm rounded portion.

He pulled back slightly to gaze deeply into the green pools of her eyes. What did she want of him? Did she truly do this for disguise? Or did she dare to challenge him so blatantly? He ran his fingers through the long locks of her glorious hair, loosening it from that accursed braid. He almost growled with the passion she had aroused within him. Then he claimed her lips again with a fierce painful lashing. If she was toying with him, he would teach her what it was like to enrage his lust so powerfully.

She matched his kiss, his intense need with a longing of her own. He felt her tremble beneath the onslaught of his kiss. He wanted her as he had never wanted anything in his life. He wanted to see what her body looked like beneath the leather armor she wore. He wanted to kiss her breasts and her stomach and…

Suddenly, she tore away from him. Slane stared at her for a long moment, trying desperately to regain control of his heated body. She stood before him like a vanquishing hero, her chin raised, her eyes glittering with —

With what? Was that passion in her eyes? Or was it mockery?

Slane felt a chill seep through his clothes to his heated skin as the cold reality of what had just happened set in. What had he been doing? What had he been thinking?

“You made it good,” she said. “Damn good. Very convincing. Even to me. But the soldiers are gone.”

And indeed, they were gone. Long gone. The streets were empty.