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Walking Dead is Walking Disappointment

I have been a fan of Walking Dead since the beginning.  I was very excited about the season three finale this past Sunday.  The writers had built up this massive showdown between the main characters at the prison and the Governor and his people from Woodbury.  In the teasers from the week before, the Governor and his people come storming into the prison with massive rocket powered weapons and blow up one of the prison towers.  Wow!  Our heroes were in trouble.

(SPOILER ALERT!  For those of you who have not seen the finale and want to, don’t read any further!)

As the episode aired, and the fight ensued, our heroes fought back with subterfuge and smoke bombs.  The Governor and his people…ran away!  What?!  When the Governor shot all of them except for two men, we knew he had crossed over into La La Land.  He had always been a bit crazy, so this was surprising but not out of the realm of possibilities.  I’ll tell you, if I were one of those two men, I would never go with that lunatic!  Then they disappeared.  We don’t know where they went.  I can only guess it wasn’t back to Woodbury.

As for other character development…  Daryl.  When Sophia died, he separated himself from the group and showed a sense of loss.  Now that his brother, Merle, died I expected…something.  But there was nothing.  All through this season, Daryl and Merle had been all about family.  It was hard to believe that now that Merle was dead, killed by the Governor, there was no emotion from Daryl.  It made Merle seem unimportant.

Rick…  Rick had been losing it for a long time.  He is a very unbalanced character.  But when he brought all those women and children back to the prison at the end of the episode, it seemed totally out of character.  He was all about watching out for the people already in his care, not wanting more responsibility.  In a previous scene, he said he didn’t want to have a dictatorship, that they would all make the decisions.  And then he goes and brings – I kid you not – a bus load of women and children into the prison from Woodbury.  Call me stumped and dumbfounded.

Andrea…  By far the most interesting element in the finale.  But not a strong enough element for the writers to string along for the entire episode.  She knew Milton was going to turn!  Why did she keep looking at him?  If that was me, I’d be concentrating on getting that wrench and freeing myself!  If she hadn’t looked at Milton so much, she would have been free earlier and probably still be alive!

Needless to say, I think the writers dropped the ball on this one.  I was beyond disappointed!  What about you?  How did you feel about the season three finale?  Will you be back for season four?