Loading to Kindle – Self publishing

So, you’ve decided to self publish.  Upon looking into it, you’ve found that it is very intimidating.  All the techie stuff.  I mean, really!  We are writers, right?  Well, I have a guest for the next few weeks who will, hopefully, make this easier for you.  My husband, Jack, is president of ODonnell Books.  He has published all of my novels (except for Immortal Death, which is with Jupiter Gardens) to multiple places.

Today, we’ll be focusing on Kindle and how to upload your book there.

The first thing to do is finish your novel.  Then get a cover, either do one yourself, or have it done with professionals like Kim Killion at Hot Damn Design.

Keep in mind, this is just one way to do it.  This is the way he does it.

He uses an old outdated Microsoft Word 2000 to format the word doc because it has less code clutter in the document.  Format the first line in the paragraph mode to indent .30.  Check and remove any bookmarks or hidden bookmarks.  Check for errant spacing in the document.  Check your paragraph style to make sure they are all consistent.  Times New Roman 12 is what he uses.  Put a page break between each chapter, using no more then 2 hard returns at the end of each chapter or prior to a new chapter.  Use the Heading 1 style for praise line, title and chapter titles.  He says this will help create the table of contents.

When the word document is all ready, save it as an HTML file.  Then import the HTML file into a Mobipocket creator software.  The software is free.  This creates a PRC file.  It’s like a doc file in Microsoft word.

Add the cover image, this would be the one you made or had professionally done.

Add the table of contents.

Upload the PRC file into Amazon KDP.

His little cheat cheat is below for quicker access.  He says there is also a brilliant book by Kindle Direct Publishing called Building Your Book for Kindle that is a great resource.  It’s free, so it is definitely worth checking out!

Any questions?  Next week, I’ll be picking Jack’s brain about the Barnes and Noble process!

Change paragraph first line indent to .30 in the master file (before even starting to put the different ebook variations together – this refers to Smashwords and PubIt variations)

Remember to remove any bookmarks and hidden bookmarks

In the word document, use the Heading 1 style for praise line, title and chapter titles.  This will help create the table of contents.

Use page breaks between chapters

Save the word document as an html document with no table of contents and no cover in the file

Load the html document into Mobipocket creator

Add the Cover Image

Add the Table of Contents (using H1)

Build the file in Mobipocket creator which creates a PRC file.

Upload the PRC file into Amazon KDP  — the PRC file has the little blue book symbol next to it