The Perfect Work Area

Most writers have a spot where they feel comfortable writing their stories.  For each writer it’s different.  I’m going to tell you about the spot I write in.  For me, the ideal spot would be on the beach somewhere.  I think that would be the most inspirational place for me.  But, since I don’t live near the beach, let alone any body of water, I write inside in the air conditioner (or heat in the winter).

Upstairs in my bedroom there is a fairly large desk.  It holds copies of each book I have ever written.

I have beautiful angel statues on my desk.  I like to think the angels guide me in my writing.

I have a plaque on my desk that reads “Life is not measured by the number of breaths that you take, but by the moments that take your breath away”.  I try to put these moments in each of my stories.

Statues of knight figurines and a 13th century key (it’s cool because it is from the medieval era) line my desk.  They are there just for inspiration.

All kinds of journals are stacked on a shelf to the side of my desk.  I like to have these when I go out.  I bring a journal in case inspiration strikes.

Near my feet on a shelf is a row of books that I occasionally use when I write – from baby name books to Heroes and Heroines by Tami Cowden, Caro LaFever, and Sue Viders.

Prominently displayed on top of my desk is the computer screen and keyboard (the computer itself is tucked away below the desk).

That is where I write.  A few inspirational items.  A few fun items, but mostly it is for creating.  Now, if I had to, I could write anywhere.  I’d rather do that then not write at all.  I am, after all, a writer.


What inspires you?  Sunsets?  A handsome man?  A good story?  A bad story?

For every author, inspiration comes from very different sources.  Inspiration can be as simple as a television show.  Lately, the heroes in the television show Supernatural have been a huge form of inspiration for me.  Cute.  Dangerous.  And troubled.  A perfect blend for the perfect hero.

My husband is also a source of inspiration for me.  He works eight hours a day at a computer and then comes home and sits in front of a computer to work on my website or post my books.

Inspiration is a tricky thing.  You never know where it might strike.  It can come from the kind acts of people.  A smile.  Listening.  Maybe even a quote.  All of this can be inspirational.

Sometimes inspiration is fleeting.  When you need it most, it’s not there.  Have you ever sat in front of the computer screen wondering where the story was going?  Or what those crazy characters were going to do next?

Inspiration is personal.  Everyone has their own ideas of what inspires them.  Have you ever been to a writing class that had such brilliant ideas you just had to run home and try them out?

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths that you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”   – Hilary Cooper   I hope all of my novels take my readers breath away!  And sometimes, hope is the biggest inspiration of all.

Hope you are inspired!  Let me know what inspires you.

Writing From Home

Hi All,

Sorry to have been absent the last few weeks.  It’s not on purpose and I have missed sharing my thoughts with you.  I have been one busy gal and to be honest I wish it was the fun kind of busy but it is not.  Two months ago a pipe broke in my home, and 2/3’s of it is now gutted and in various stages of reconstruction. I’ve been living in a constant state of waiting, arguing with the insurance company, and trying for some sense of normalcy.  I’m grateful that my parents are close by and have been able to help and offer me and my dogs a place to stay.  Needless to say this mess has taken it’s toll on me and my writing.  However, I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel now that the major repair work is complete and we are starting reconstruction.

Last weekend, I went over to my house to rip carpet out of my office.  I brought my laptop with me not because I thought I’d have time to write, but because there is no other access to music. I sat down in the only remaining chair, set up my computer, and started to eat lunch.  Because I am by far the world’s slowest eater, I decided to take a  moment and work on my NaNoWriMo project.  From the moment my fingers touched the keys I was writing.  Not just writing but I was living and breathing my characters.  They were coming alive and saying just the right things to one another.  I could see them, feel them…I was getting lost in the story.

To any writer to whom this has happened it is a miracle and one you never want to stop.  It was AMAZING.  When I finally stopped and got to work I felt better, I had more energy, and my hunger for writing was ready for more.  I started to wonder why I was having this euphoria and why I can’t write like this at my parent’s home.  Then it struck me…my home is my sanctuary.  It is the place where all my dreams come to have their stories told and that is where my heart lives and breathes. It is where I have started and finished both of my novels and maybe that has created a sense of magic for me that can never be recreated.

In the week since, I have written not a single word of fiction.  My inspiration is gone.  It’s as if I need the sound of my furnace kicking on to come from the left instead of this right.  I need the light from the window hitting my computer from this angle and not that one.  Heck even my chair is uncomfortable and my fingers fumble on the keys.

I know I can write, I can pump out something decent but it doesn’t seem to have the same magic as being in my own home in my own place.  Perhaps I’m just really homesick and my creativity is being stubborn, which is likely.

Anyway that a little rambling from me – where do you write?  Where is your magic place?



Getting things done

“One person with a belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine who have only interests.”

– Peter Marshall

So here’s a little reminder, a pep talk if you will, about why we need to stick it through with NaNo until the end of the month.

The first year I did this, I said to myself, “It won’t happen.  I’ll lose interest.  I’ll lose focus. I’ll get busy and be unable to write every day.”  But wait, that’s the beauty of NaNo.  You don’t do it for any of those things, focus, interest, etc.  Duh!

You do it to establish a new habit!  Yep, and this is exactly what it takes.  About twenty-one days to establish a new habit.  OMG, I must write every day, just a little, just a few words just to keep my hand in.  You know, if I don’t write it down right now, I’ll forget exactly how it goes, and it’s perfect just the way I though it up just now.

Yeah, that’s the habit you want to establish.  It started for me with a hundred words.  It just doesn’t seem like such a big thing.  I mean, 100 words?  A nothing.  Not a full page, even double spaced that’s 250.  It’s about the size of a decent paragraph.

But, when you do it . .  well the day comes when you can’t do without it.  I mean, after all it’s only 100 words.  So you start out and several hours later someone is knocking tentatively at the door of your office because the sign is out ” Your hair better be on fire if you’re knocking on this door.”  Well, I always leave the sign out, it’s prophylactic.    The kids are grown and gone and the DH is happy just to know where I am.

The truth of the matter is I like to write, I like to create and I like to spend the time doing both, everyday  But since it is National Novel Writing Month, tell me can you do it?  Can you get those 1,666 words down on paper each day for the next thirty days?  .

Or are you gonna just get started with a hundred words?


Tomorrow we have a very special guest blogger all the way from Australia!