Cancer Awareness Month

In a tribute to those we’ve lost to cancer and those who continue their brave battle, and to promote cancer research and awareness, I want to share how cancer has affected me personally.

No inspirational quotes today to prime the pump.  There is nothing which makes up for the loss of a parent, much less two.

My father died in 1969 as I was just beginning my journey into adulthood.  He died three weeks before his first grandchild was born.  So two people were deprived of the opportunity to know a man of character, honesty and integrity.  I believe my son would have benefited greatly from knowing his maternal grandfather who had a terrific sense of humor, a wonderful gift for storytelling, and an unshakable belief that family comes first and if you take care of the people you love, your family both of blood and friends who are chosen “family”, all other things will fall into their rightful place.

My parents were married after knowing each other only six weeks during World War II.  He abandoned his high school sweetheart, who’d promised to wait for him, and ignored the wishes of his family.  She outright defied the dictates of her strict parents and upbringing, for the man she fell in love with “the first time she laid eyes on him”.

They were married just shy of twenty-five years, when my Father became ill with cancer, and died six weeks after his diagnosis.

My mother survived the loss of her husband, known to be the love of her life, but barely.  The first year was the worst, and she suffered such a devastation of spirit, I thought we might lose her too.

They were madly in love with each other every day of their marriage and everyone around them knew just how it was for both of them.  The had a date every Saturday night and spent time with each other paying attention to their relationship as well as their family.

I learned different things from each parent, just the way it should be, and all the things they taught me were valuable lessons.  From my father I got three unbreakable life rules:  1) try to never lose your sense of humor, 2) value your education, 3) believe in the impossible, it makes things possible.

For several years after my Father’s death I still wanted to pick up the phone to share things he might agree with me were odd, or funny, and so I miss him still today, some forty odd years later.

During times of real stress, I know my Father is still with me, since I’ve seen his spirit in the house where I grew up.  I haven’t lost my mind, and I’m not the only one, my little sister still lives in that house and she’s seen him several times.  My Father, gone but not forgotten, still looking out for his loved ones.

So take a moment, share a thought, reminisce and use the link to donate to the cause.  Support cancer research and let’s working on keeping those loved ones close, as long as we can.

God Bless to all the Dads both here and in the hereafter.

Begging your pardon

On Saturday November 17th my youngest son got married to the love of his life, Jennifer.  She is a truly spectacular woman, loving and giving in more ways than I can count.

On Friday November 16th my oldest son celebrated his birthday, along with his wife here in Texas surrounded by family.

I have never missed a Monday post, but I’m hoping you’ll give me a pass today.

I think there’s always something we can learn, and I learned a lot this past weekend, I’m truly blessed.

Happy Birthday Pete.

Congratulations and best wishes to Daniel and Jennifer.

Thank you Alvin, for all you’ve given me to share.

Summer Vacation

This week I’m on vacation. Soaking up the sun and enjoying my family. I find the days are starting to pass way too fast and my children are growing up at a rate I can’t believe.  Or perhaps don’t want to. 

These days we spend together now are what will live within each of us as we age. Forever in our minds, no matter what happens in the future.  I want to make these days the best they can be. 

I’m trying to paint their three smiling faces and laughter into my soul. Saving the jubilance for when they aren’t near anymore. The close calls with fish hooks caught in my shirt, the buzzing about what’s next on our adventure, or the muddy kisses and scraped knees are the glue that makes it all stick in my memory. These are the best of times and I’m truly blessed to be a mother. 

Scenery that’s been crafted by a master, fantastic fun, and delightfully burnt food cooked over a campfire unite us as we wander the beautiful state of Colorado. The bright stars, the high vistas, and the love we share is extraordinary and I would not trade a moment. 

Yes. I’m blessed. 

I hope you are, too.