We have a Winner!

Thanks to all the faithful followers who’ve been not only reading but occasionally writing with us.  We appreciate you spending your time her with us at Her Story Calls.

Because she is bold,  innovative, and because I loved her twisty little story she posted for the entertainment of others, the winner of this weeks drawing is Jessica Aspen.

Thank you Jessica, for reading and writing with us at Her Story Calls.

I loved your contribution to our All Hallow’s Eve Celebration and hope you continue to share with us in the coming year.



Special Guest Blogger!

Today we’re welcoming a very special guest blogger, from halfway round the world!



Hello everyone.

Thank you Ane for giving me this opportunity.

I love writing romance with humor and a dash of mystery. In 2000, I won a national competition with my co-writer and editor Danielle De Valera. I began writing mainstream on my own and in 2008, I entered the Charter Oak Romance Writers’ Golden Acorn Excellence in Writing Award, a chapter of Romance Writers of America, and came 3rd with The Secret Life Of Bob, which is now titled, Finding Veronica, available in hard cover and Kindle. This will soon be followed by, Finding Katherine and then Finding Alex…unless I come up with a better name…I’m open to suggestions. J

I belong to a writers’ site called, YouWriteOn funded by the UK Arts Council. Anyone can join. It’s a wonderful place to get reviews from other writers who don’t know you or your work. They often see things from a completely different angle, and make you think outside the box. I consider myself lucky to have family who will do the same. Once I’m on the last draft, my husband will read my work. So will our daughters, one is great at telling me where to cut the waffle. If I complain, I’ll get a look, then several looks and an eye-roll. Our other daughter is great at suggesting where it needs depth, a sister in-law who loves time lines, and a critique partner who suggested the title for the first book, which led to titles for the next two. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did writing them.


Louise graciously provided a first chapter excerpt of Finding Veronica which I was unable to load.  When I get that straightened out we will re run the blog with the excerpt.  Thanks for your patience.