Nightmare In Colorado Again

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I have to admit I don’t have the next installment of my story for you but it will be bigger and better next week.

Today I wanted to dedicate my blog time to getting the word out about Jessica Ridgeway, the 10 year old little girl who has been missing from Westminster, Colorado, since last Friday.  Please visit the below links to see her picture and call the police with any information.  Help them get the word out and share the links with as many people as you can.  Any help you can give might just bring her home.

Additional information and updates will be released and posted on Twitter
(@WestminsterPD) (#JessicaRidgeway) as they are available.

In conjunction with her disappearance a body was discovered in my home town of Arvada, Colorado, although the identity of this body will be released today or tomorrow.  Whether this is Jessica or another poor soul there is a true living and breathing nightmare in Colorado.

Any story I could tell you, any spookiness I could create would never be as tragic or frightening than what is happening here.  We’ve had a violent year with the shootings in Aurora, the devastating forest fires, and now the abduction and possible death of an innocent child. My heart and warm thoughts go out to Jessica, her family, and the police working on these cases.

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Darkness in Colorado

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Today Colorado has experienced tragedy again. My heart is hurting from this senseless shooting at the Dark Knight premiere in Aurora. As a resident of the great state of Colorado I know we are a community that supports one another and we will pull together and support those affected by the many hardships experienced this year.

We have lost a great deal of natural resources and homes from the forest fires that ravaged the mountains early this summer. Now, we have lost at least twelve citizens in a senseless act of violence. Like a rape victim who never thought it could happen to them, we are yet again blindsided by violence. It happened in Columbine and hoped such such darkness, such evil, would never again grace our presence.

In a place as beautiful and majestic as Colorado these scars are only a reminder of the people and land we have lost. Colorado is a battle hardened warrior, we are strong, we are brave, we endure and we stand together in times of darkness.

Please send your prayers and warm thoughts to Colorado today and in the coming weeks.



P.S. In the battle of Homework vs Novella – Homework won again this week.

Summer Vacation

This week I’m on vacation. Soaking up the sun and enjoying my family. I find the days are starting to pass way too fast and my children are growing up at a rate I can’t believe.  Or perhaps don’t want to. 

These days we spend together now are what will live within each of us as we age. Forever in our minds, no matter what happens in the future.  I want to make these days the best they can be. 

I’m trying to paint their three smiling faces and laughter into my soul. Saving the jubilance for when they aren’t near anymore. The close calls with fish hooks caught in my shirt, the buzzing about what’s next on our adventure, or the muddy kisses and scraped knees are the glue that makes it all stick in my memory. These are the best of times and I’m truly blessed to be a mother. 

Scenery that’s been crafted by a master, fantastic fun, and delightfully burnt food cooked over a campfire unite us as we wander the beautiful state of Colorado. The bright stars, the high vistas, and the love we share is extraordinary and I would not trade a moment. 

Yes. I’m blessed. 

I hope you are, too.