Audio Narrators

One of my major addictions is to audio books.  I’ve had an audible account for 4 years and I love it.  I checked my stats recently and I’ve read a total of 11 days, 9 hour and 47 minutes on my iTouch.  (not including my laptop, phone, or burned CD)  That means 11 full days of my life, albeit that is over the course of a year, but still 11 days spent listening to the voices in my head….err ears.

What makes audio books so wonderful is that I can drive, garden, cook, clean, eat, chase dogs, exercise, and well pretty much anything under the sun and still read.  I never would have made it through some of my books merely because I didn’t have the time to sit and read.

My motto: Who needs television when there are books to read.

I’ll stop gabbing about how awesome audio books are and start taking narrators.

First, I’m utterly impressed with how talented these people are.  They are one man/woman actors performing all the roles in the book.  Men do women voices; women do men voices, accents and stutters. They have the challenging task of making a novel come to life with only their voice, no facial features or body movements, just singularly their voice.

Often times, I imagine that I’ve hit that dream of being published and how my books would sound on audio. *Sigh  – Someday*  Hearing books has helped changed my writing.  I hear what is being said and I realize…that’s what I’m doing wrong, I’m not using the characters name enough, or I’m not adding in the pumping drama.  I might hear a word and add it to my vocabulary list whereas if I might have missed it if I hadn’t heard it spoken.

Phil Gigante, is my all time favorite.  He narrates all of Karen Marie Moning’s books, and many others.  I was hooked on his voice within the first five minutes of him speaking in the first highlander book.  He did a deep male Scottish brogue – let me just say – Keep talking baby cuz I’m listening.  As I read further into the series I was amazed at how he was able to duplicate voices from other books, i.e Adam Black (from KMM highlander series) always sounded like Adam Black, in every single book.

Scott Brick, I have to give this guy serious kudos.  I read Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand, in audio and if anyone has read that book, all 1100 and something pages of teeny tiny type, knows there are a ton of characters in the book.  Scott Brick had a unique and distinguishable sound for each and every one of them, I knew when Daphne was talking because of the sound he created for her.  I could imagine each voice as an individual – they were no longer created by Scott Brick, but characters coming alive. Can you imagine creating and remembering all of those voices, the sounds, the character within the syllable?  AMAZING.  (By the way if you wish to read it – 63 hours of audio)

This is my last one I promise – Bronson Pinchot.  Do you remember Balki Barokomous from Perfect Strangers, the 80’s sit-com?  This is the guy. He also has a whole bunch of other acting credits, but that’s where I recognize him. I’m currently reading, Blood Oath, by Christopher Farnsworth and he is the narrator.  He is amazing.  At first I heard the voice and thought, no way is that him, his voice is far too sophisticated and deep and oh so lovely. I’m guilty of typecasting him, because he is phenomenal.  He is bringing this book to life for me and I will seek out his future projects.

Who reads audio?  Any recommends or kudos?

For those they don’t read Audio, do you have a particular voice that draws you in?

Let’s talk voices today!