HSC Contest Reviews

1 Quill – Don’t waste your time

2 Quills – Don’t expect too much

3 Quills – Pretty average

4 Quills – Worth entering

5 Quills – Not to be missed

Have you ever wondered if a writing contest was worth your money?  Or, what benefits you will reap if you entered?  Now, your questions are answered!  HerStoryCalls.com presents the HSC Contest Review – the ultimate resource for entering a writing contest.  We rate the contests for pros, cons, the good, the bad, and an overall review. We talk to the contest coordinator and dig through all the details so you don’t have to.  Enter a contest armed with the information that makes it right for you!

HSC Contest Reviews, your messenger for reviews on writing contests

Contests Reviewed:

September 4th: The Suzannah – 3 quills
September 4th: The Emily – 4 quills
September 11th: The First Kiss – 3 quills
September 18th: The Gotcha – 2 quills
October 16th: Hook, Line & Sinker – 2 quills
October 23rd: The Write Stuff – 1 quill
October 30th: PPW Fiction Writing Contest – 3 quills

January 8th: The Marlene – 4 quills
January 15th: Winter Rose Contest for Unpublished Authors – 3 quills
January 22nd: Fire and Ice Contest – 4 quills
January 29th: Sara Merritt Contest – 3 quills
February 5th: Fabulous Five Writing Contest – 3 quills
February 12th: The Orange Rose Contest – 2 quills
February 26th: Cleveland Rocks Romance Contest – 2 quills
March 4th: Fool For Love Contest – 2 quills
March 14th: Romance Through the Ages Contest – 3 quills
March 14th: Spring Into Romance Contest – 4 quills
March 28th: Southern Heat Contest – 2 quills
April 1st: Duel on the Delta Contest – 3 quills


HerStoryCalls.com, it’s bloggers and anyone associated, are not compensated for our reviews. These reviews are for informational purposes and not intended to act as advertisements or endorsements. We have communicated with contest coordinators, or at least attempted to contact them without a response from them (noted).  Please contact us at herstorycalls@gmail.com for further questions about our reviews or to have your writing contest reviewed on our site. Thank you.

8 thoughts on “HSC Contest Reviews

  1. Love the idea. Our local chapter, HERA, had judges training last month for our program. Spent a couple of hours going through the score sheet, discussing track changes, reviewing sample work and how to score/respond. I felt ready to judge afterward. I am surprised that some would offer contests with fees that didn’t provide that kind of training for the people who will be reviewing the entries.

  2. I’ve noticed that some contests have untrained judges who often judge down/up indiscriminately. The Winter Rose Contest at Yellow Rose RWA is a great contest, I say prejudicially because I’m a member of the chapter. However, a friend entered one contest where the judge who gave her a low score and kept her from winning was waaaay out of date plus did not judge on current romantic fiction, but on journalistic style. Very different. So, this site should be a great aid for beginning authors who need credible feedback.

  3. Good idea. I know of a couple people who have entered ones only to find out too late they weren’t all they were cracked up to be so writing contests that you pay to enter tend to make me too nervous to enter.

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