So you have your work area.  You’re ready to start writing.  But what do you do next?  What I do is start with my characters.  To me, these are the most important thing in your novel.  If they are strong and well defined, the plot will come from them.

When I start writing, I know what type of book I want to write.  Yes, it’s usually medieval romance.  But I need to know a little bit more then that.  Is it a book about redemption?  Is it a book about family?  About loyalty?  This is called theme.  I’ll talk about this more in another post.

I like to jump right in and begin writing.  That’s because I’m a pantser.  I write by the seat of my pants.  For me, writing this way allows me to explore the plot and characters and sometimes, it even holds a surprise for me.

In order to do this, I need to know a little bit about my characters.  Their name, what they look like, a little bit about their background.  Not everything, just enough for me to be able to relate to them, to sympathize with them.  I don’t need this information for all of the characters, not yet anyway.  Just for my hero and heroine.  For names, their are numerous sites on the web where you can find first names.  (Below is a small sample)

Medieval Names –
Top 100 Medieval Boy Names –
Behind the Name: Medieval Names –

Also places to find surnames.  (Below is a small sample)

Medieval English Surnames –
History Learning Site – Medieval Surnames –
Surnames Meanings and Origins –

What the characters look like is totally up to your imagination.  Background, again, is up to your imagination.  Below are some helpful links about medieval life that you might find helpful.

Medieval Life –
Medieval Life and Times –
Life in a Medieval Castle –

At this point, I know just enough to begin the story.  As I write, more comes out, more ideas, more background.  More story.  This is were I begin writing.  Remember, characters not only come from your mind, but they are born from your heart as well.

Bird Groups: Fun Facts

Ok, this may sound weird, but as a writer there comes times when you just need to know what a group  of animals are called. Today, I am going to be talking about groups of birds.

Most  of us know, a gaggle of geese, but did you know that only refers to geese on water? If you’re talking about a group of geese in flight, it’s called a skein. But if they are in V formation then it is called a wedge of geese. Didn’t think this would be so complicated, did you? Actually if you happen to see a V formation of swans, it is a wedge too. But who, I ask, has ever really seen a wedge of swans?

Here are a few more fun group listings in case you’re curious.

A murder or muster of crows (sounds like a book, huh?) An unkindness or congress of ravens, a chattering  or murmuration of starlings. Ok, the starlings sound noisy.

Let’s talk about the barnyard birds. A rafter of turkeys – (Why? Like they can even make it up to the rafters?) A raft of ducks (ok that makes sense), unless they are in flight then they are a team. A peep of chickens (cute) or a brood of hens.

And for some groups of birds that no one will probably ever see – a charm of hummingbirds (charming, but they move so fast it’s hard to even see one), a descent of woodpeckers, a convocation of eagles, an ostentation of peacocks, and a  colony of penguins.

And to finish this off, here are a few of my favorites: A pitying of turtle doves, a bouquet of pheasants, a parliament of owls, (yep, better watch for that one), and an exaltation of larks.

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Sunday’s Sample – The Seduction of Lady Phoebe by Ella Quinn

This Sunday’s Sample is The Seduction of Lady Phoebe by Ella Quinn!  Here’s the Sample from Ella’s historical romance.  Thanks for being our guest, Ella, and sharing your sample.



THE SEDUCTION OF LADY PHOEBE ~ September, 19, 2013

LADY PHOEBE STANHOPE, famous for her quick wits, fast horses, and punishing right hook, is afraid of nothing but falling in love. Fleeing a matchmaking attempt with the only man she despises, Phoebe meets a handsome blue-eyed stranger who sends her senses skittering. By the time Phoebe discovers the seductive stranger is the same arrogant troll she sent packing eight years ago, she is halfway to falling in love with him.

LORD MARCUS FINLEY last saw Phoebe striding regally away, as he lay on the floor with a bruised jaw and a rapidly swelling eye. Recently returned from the West Indies, Marcus is determined to earn Phoebe’s love, preferably before she discovers who he is. Determined to have Phoebe for his own, Marcus begins his campaign to gain her forgiveness and seduce her into marriage.

Can Phoebe learn to trust her own heart and Marcus? Or is she destined to remain alone?

~Lady Phoebe is a heroine Georgette Heyer would adore–plucky, pretty, and well worth the devotion of the dashing Lord Marcus. A marvelous find for Regency romance readers.~

~NYT Bestseller Grace Burrowes ~

Ella Quinn’s The Seduction of Lady Phoebe is a passionate tale full of humor, romance, and poignancy. Quinn writes classic Regency romance at its best!”

~Shana Galen~


She searched his face. Barely a foot separated them. If only he would reach out to her. “You were in Littleton for the fight last week.”

“Yes, I attended with a friend,” he replied, his tone, intimate.

Phoebe tried to steady her thudding heart. “I remember your voice. You rescued me from the young man pounding on my chamber door and spent the night guarding me.”

She drew a ragged breath. Why was it so hard to breathe? “You didn’t want to be thanked. You have now saved me twice from importuning young men.”

His gaze seemed to focus even more intently on her. “Yes, I took him from your door. I thought, at the time, I didn’t need to be thanked.” His lips curled into a provocative smile. “I may have been mistaken. You may thank me, if you wish.”

Phoebe had no idea what she was doing. She’d never before been affected like this. His eyes and his body willed her closer. She ignored the small voice urging cautionHer pulse thrilled and there was no more space between them.

Tilting her head up, she put one hand on his face, resting her fingers lightly on his cheek. “Yes, I would like to thank you.”

He bent his head and lightly, very lightly, touched his lips to hers. They were warm and firm and so enticing.

Phoebe lips tingled just as her hand had when he’d touched it, but that was through gloves. This was a great deal better. “I have never been kissed before. I don’t know what to do.”

A flame lit in her knight’s eyes. “I’ll teach you.”

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