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     I a doggie mom of two beautiful terriers.  By day I work in higher education, by night I am pounding out stories of intrigue, suspense, and romance. I write mostly historical suspense, but dabble in contemporary and paranormal novels.  I have a thing for burly men in kilts, and am entirely convinced my next hubby will have that beautiful Scottish brogue. My favorite authors, Julia London, Sherry Thomas, Harlan Coben, Anne Rice, and Elizabeth Amber.


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What I’m reading now: In Audio – Don’t Know Much About Mythology by Kenneth C Davis.  In Print: Bastian, by Elizabeth Amber.  In Ebook – Heart of the Wolf, by Terry Spear.

My favorite TV shows: Criminal Minds, Dexter, True Blood, US of Tara, Game of Thrones, Drop Dead Diva, and Gray’s Anatomy.

Top Ten things I can’t live without: family, friends, books, laptop to write, my iPod, Chianti, flowers, color, my dogs, and peanut-butter M&M’s.

My work: I am constantly writing and have about 25 works in progress.  I currently have two fully finished manuscripts and three nearing completion.

Keep Away – Romantic Suspense – 99,000 words

Hours after her engagement, Hannah Cavanaugh’s fiancé is shot and killed in what seems a random act of violence. In the months following Andy’s funeral, to cope with her loss Hannah turns to Red Bull to avoid her nightmares and Andy’s grave to cling to the past.

Rick Boston is the best homicide detective in Chicago, and he just landed the high profile murder of rich kid, Andrew White. What he didn’t expect is the insatiable need to comfort the grief stricken girlfriend of his victim. Boston knows what he’s experiencing with Hannah is forbidden, and if he doesn’t cease and desist their new found intimacy he’s in danger of not only being removed from the case but losing his job.

When Andy’s fraternity brothers start turning up dead, Boston enters a deadly game of keep away, where Hannah’s life is the prize.  Forced together by a killers twisted rules, what starts out as protection, soon turns into an attachment neither of them can deny.


The man in the leather coat spun around appraising her with concerned eyes.  He ripped his coat off and threw it over her shoulders.  “Let’s get you sitting down.”  His voice was deep, rich, and almost melodic.

Numbly she followed him into a small office and sat in the chair he held out for her.  He handed her a cloth handkerchief and as soon as she felt it in her hands, she remembered him.  “You’re the handkerchief guy.”  She mumbled and shakily wiped at her eyes.

He chuckled and knelt in front of her. “Amongst other things.  Are you hurt?”

“No.  Well yes, but…”  Hannah shivered in his coat. She didn’t want to explain. “Who are you?”

“Detective Boston,” He rubbed her arms. “You’re in shock. I want to get you lying down and get your circulation flowing better.  Craig, give me that stack of newspapers.”  He motioned somewhere to his left.

Craig returned with the newspapers. “Help me get her on the floor.”  Effortlessly Boston lifted her off the chair and eased her down to the carpet.  Craig put the newspapers under her head, while Boston lifted her legs up on top of the chair.  “You’ll feel better in a minute.  Close your eyes.”  He ordered and Hannah obeyed, the authority in his tone didn’t leave much room to question. “Craig go tell the officer where we are and help get her family inside.”

Her eyes flew open.  “My family?”

Boston began rubbing her arms again, “They’re coming.”  He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small radio.  “Dave, send the paramedics down to floor one.”

“On it.” A cracked voice responded.

“Feeling warmer?”  He adjusted her skirt to cover anything that might be exposed. Hannah knotted her hands together, her mind unable to form coherent thoughts.

“We’ll get you feeling better and then I’ll take you upstairs.”

“Seriously?”  She finally managed to squeeze out.  “This never happens on TV?”

Boston laughed his face lightening and eyes twinkling. “We are not on TV. This is real world.”

Survival of the Fittest – Historical Romantic Suspense – 101,000

Naked, scared, and barely alive, Lady Ainsley De Lacy, is discovered in the empty bedchamber of the queen’s cousin, a sadistic monster, with a twisted interpretation of Darwin’s theory of evolution.  Obligated to preserve reputations and remain honorable the queen calls for Lord Roderick Witherborne, the leader of a British secret agency called the VIPERS. His mission is to protect Ainsley not only physically but socially by giving her his name in marriage.

Roderick’s work has dominated his life for the last twelve years, making him a hardened and skeptical man. Bringing Ainsley into his home and nursing her back to health gives him something he no longer thought he possessed…compassion.

Forced to confront the aftermath of her torture, Ainsley is barely coming to terms with her loveless marriage by proxy, when she discovers that she carries the child of her tormentor.   She’ll have to start trusting her husband to keep them safe.

As veiled threats arrive for Ainsley, Roderick knows, her attacker has returned and this time he will stop at nothing until he’s finished what he started. When Ainsley is abducted, it’s up to Roderick to save the woman he never thought he’d love and the unborn child he has already accepted as his own.


Grasping her chin between his thumb and forefinger, he forced her eyes to meet his. “Ainsley, listen carefully to everything I am about to tell you.” The playfulness in his eyes gone, replaced with something smokier, more electrifying. Chills spread over her skin and she shuddered.

Nodding slightly, “I will listen.”

Roderick spoke slowly pronouncing every word precisely.  “No wife of mine will be a housekeeper, or a maid or a secretary. She will not be in my employ.  In regards to your dowry, I will give you full control of it to spend as you see fit.  Lastly society does not now nor will they ever know of your situation, for your protection it will remain private and just between us.”

Her brows drew together as she processed all the words he’d just said, especially on one word in particular, “Wife?”

“Yes. I wanted to wait until you were healed before I added more stress to your recovery.” He let her chin go and put his hand on top of hers.

“I can’t be your wife. You are already married.” She stammered.

Roderick’s brows furrowed and he frowned, “Where did you hear that?”

“Nettie.  She said you were married.”

The smile returned to his lips.  “She’s right I am married…to you.”

Ainsley blanched at his words, her jaw tumbling open. “I never agreed to be your wife.  I have no intention of marrying after what happened to me.’  Roderick pulled back abruptly, sighed heavily and closed his eyes.

He pinched the bridge of his nose and sucked in several breaths.  “There is no option Ainsley. We are already married.”

“What?” Aghast, her hand flew to her mouth and her stupid eyes overflowed with tears. Anger radiated through her like water about to boil.

Roderick nodded, “There was no need for a ceremony. Your uncle and I have signed the marital contract and had a special license. They are filed and official. Our union was blessed not only by the clergy but by the Queen.”

“Why?” her mind was starting to spin and she was regretting eating so much.

“The Queen commanded it.  She wanted you taken care of for being brutalized in her home.” He paused as if waiting for her to interrupt.  “This is not your fault Ainsley. A member of the royal household abused you against your will. No matter the outcome, you could not prevent this.  Your uncle knows that and I am to blame for him not visiting.  I have refused any visitors until you are well enough to handle them and I know you are completely safe.”

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  1. And just what kinda of thoughts go into your head when you think of your Mom.?
    Great Blog……I enjoyed reading .

    Love Mom

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