Blogger: Joan

I grew up in Chicago, studied voice at Northwestern University, and then moved to Minnesota, where I finished my degree at Metropolitan State University, changing my major to the arts and including anything and everything to help me with my writing. I’ve been writing for years, and use all the arts, music, art and writing, in my books by way of my characters.

I joined RWA and then KOD and Lethaladies in 2005 and since have succeeded in getting three books published as ebooks. Two are part of my cozy mystery series: Murder By Mistake and Murder For Kicks, and I’m working on the third, Murder By Spook. I recently created two blogs: is for my character, Mollie Fenwick, the protagonist in Murder By Mistake and Murder For Kicks. The second blog, http://homicideandmayhem is for other, more serious mysteries.

 I credit my recent success to the wonderful members of Lethaladies. Aside from writing, I also enjoy painting, crocheting and singing and being with my two girls, one son and seven grandchildren.


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