Blogger: Ane

Born and raised  in suburban Philadelphia, Ane started writing at four years of age.  With a Big Chief tablet and box of basic crayolas she extended the comics from Daddys’ daily newspaper.

To the delight of her parents  Ane was a natural born storyteller.   When she began telling tall tales to cover the hours she spent after school detained by hostile nuns who did not appreciate her incredible adventures, they were forced to restrict her creativity.

Years later, Ane once again took up her Big Chief tablet and began recording adventures for posterity.  Sadly, she was unable to locate her original box of crayolas.

She currently resides in Texas with her darling husband and a rescued mix breed canine known as the devil dog, Jake.

Ane is a member of Romance Writers of America, West Houston RWA  and the Savvy Authors group.

Ane Also blogs at Off Road Romance.

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