The Duke and the Dryad – (New Release)

I am happy to announce that my 15th e-novel, The Duke and the Dryad  Book 2: Earth in my Elemental Series is now available!

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Duke Odwolfe of Manterra is known to his friends as Wolfe, and to his enemies as Duke the Destroyer. When his prized bull goes missing, he sets out to find it. It has been stolen for a sacrifice by the druids who are conducting their pagan ritual in the forest, within the circle of standing stones. And when he finds he is too late to save his animal, he demands one of them come to his castle as his servant in exchange for his loss.

Rae-Nyst is an elemental of the earth, better known as a dryad. She has both fae as well as human blood running through her veins. She gets her power from the earth, however, fire can kill her. And when the Duke of Manterra decides to take her in exchange for his bull, she finds herself not able to fight him, as her power is draining quickly by the flaming torch he keeps waving in her face.

Can a man who believes in nothing but war and destruction accept the exotic fae girl who honors all life instead of death? Or will she have to give up the ways of her nearly extinct kind in order to be with the man who has stolen her heart? Passion and fury rage in an epic adventure as two headstrong people find themselves faced with a dilemma that could either kill them or bring them closer together in The Duke and the Dryad.

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Bird Groups: Fun Facts

Ok, this may sound weird, but as a writer there comes times when you just need to know what a group  of animals are called. Today, I am going to be talking about groups of birds.

Most  of us know, a gaggle of geese, but did you know that only refers to geese on water? If you’re talking about a group of geese in flight, it’s called a skein. But if they are in V formation then it is called a wedge of geese. Didn’t think this would be so complicated, did you? Actually if you happen to see a V formation of swans, it is a wedge too. But who, I ask, has ever really seen a wedge of swans?

Here are a few more fun group listings in case you’re curious.

A murder or muster of crows (sounds like a book, huh?) An unkindness or congress of ravens, a chattering  or murmuration of starlings. Ok, the starlings sound noisy.

Let’s talk about the barnyard birds. A rafter of turkeys – (Why? Like they can even make it up to the rafters?) A raft of ducks (ok that makes sense), unless they are in flight then they are a team. A peep of chickens (cute) or a brood of hens.

And for some groups of birds that no one will probably ever see – a charm of hummingbirds (charming, but they move so fast it’s hard to even see one), a descent of woodpeckers, a convocation of eagles, an ostentation of peacocks, and a  colony of penguins.

And to finish this off, here are a few of my favorites: A pitying of turtle doves, a bouquet of pheasants, a parliament of owls, (yep, better watch for that one), and an exaltation of larks.

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New Elizabeth Rose Novels website, and Free Book This is the address of my new website that I have been working on like a madwoman! I am happy with the outcome and want to share it with you.

As an author, each book published is like birthing a baby. Once that baby is born, I need to feed it and nurture it or it dies. Trouble is, with over two dozen of these children, they are very time consuming. But this is my way of telling each one of them they are loved and cherished as only a mother can do. And the same as any proud parent, I want to show them to you.

So please stop by and visit my website and drop me a note. You can sign up for my newsletter and be notified of future births of more of these babies and blogs as well.

Thank you all for supporting me as a new independent e-book author. In gratitude for your support, I’d like to share with you for the next two days for free, my short story, One Red Rose.

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Pirate Slang

Ahoy Matey!

Gee, can you tell I’ve just finished writing a pirate novel? I came across a few fun pirate words and phrases I thought I’d share with you.

Scurvy Dog was an experienced, prolific pirate. Sweet trade meant piracy, and to go ‘on the account‘ meant you were turning pirate. A  crimp was a swindler and shark bait was usually a lazy pirate or someone they wanted to feed to the fish. Dead man’s chest was a coffin,  and a bilge rat was a disgusting person since the bilge was the lowest part of the ship usually filled with smelly foul water.

landlubber was someone who was no good on a ship at sea, or better off on land. If you heard them talk of  ‘dancin’ the hempen jig’  – it meant to hang to death, since the ropes for hanging were usually made from hemp. To keelhaul someone, meant to tie a rope around them and drag them under the keel of the ship  and back up on the other side, usually getting scratched badly by the barnacles on the bottom of the boat.

And those pirates liked their rum of course. They also had grog, which was rum mixed with water to mask the taste of the bad water. (Water was usually no good in the olden days.) They also ate hardtack which were very hard crackers that if dry would last long, but if got wet would get maggots in them.

To swear, they would say something like ‘Damn yer eyes‘ and to threaten someone – ‘I’ll crush ye barnicles.’

Well, writing a 14th century pirate was not easy, let me tell you. The ships they had back then were not your normal pirate movie ships and they did not dress that way either. I really wanted to give my pirates a pair of breeches, but couldn’t. As is, trying to write something romantic in a time when the plague just knocked out half of Europe is a challenge in itself. Oh, and did I mention the fact it is my heroine who is the pirate? Yep, I like a challenge alright.

Lady of the Mist is the 4th and final book in my medieval, Legacy of  the Blade Series. So sit back on the poop deck with your feet up on a tun and grab a tankard of rum and enjoy!

Elizabeth Rose