Bird Groups: Fun Facts

Ok, this may sound weird, but as a writer there comes times when you just need to know what a group  of animals are called. Today, I am going to be talking about groups of birds.

Most  of us know, a gaggle of geese, but did you know that only refers to geese on water? If you’re talking about a group of geese in flight, it’s called a skein. But if they are in V formation then it is called a wedge of geese. Didn’t think this would be so complicated, did you? Actually if you happen to see a V formation of swans, it is a wedge too. But who, I ask, has ever really seen a wedge of swans?

Here are a few more fun group listings in case you’re curious.

A murder or muster of crows (sounds like a book, huh?) An unkindness or congress of ravens, a chattering  or murmuration of starlings. Ok, the starlings sound noisy.

Let’s talk about the barnyard birds. A rafter of turkeys – (Why? Like they can even make it up to the rafters?) A raft of ducks (ok that makes sense), unless they are in flight then they are a team. A peep of chickens (cute) or a brood of hens.

And for some groups of birds that no one will probably ever see – a charm of hummingbirds (charming, but they move so fast it’s hard to even see one), a descent of woodpeckers, a convocation of eagles, an ostentation of peacocks, and a  colony of penguins.

And to finish this off, here are a few of my favorites: A pitying of turtle doves, a bouquet of pheasants, a parliament of owls, (yep, better watch for that one), and an exaltation of larks.

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Elizabeth Rose