Last week I wrote about my upcoming so-called vacation.  Well, I’m here now at my daughter’s and everything is a lot different than I’m accustomed to.


First of all, everything is geared for people a lot taller than I am. Admittedly, I’m short, in fact, a lot more so than I used to be. I’m somewherearound 4’9 (I refuse to let anybody measure me anymore) and I have to use a footstool. In fact, I have to carry it everywhere.


Then there’s lots of stairs and if I want to use my daughter’s computer, I have to go down two small flights – not easy for someone who has trouble with a curb. And of course, there’s a great big dog who emulates young children who are always going in and out. There’s a patio door by the kitchen, where I spend most of my time, but I can’t get it open.


The big dog also likes to put himself wherever I’m about to step. The first night I was here I got up to use the bathroom, saw what appeared to be a rug on the floor, and discovered it was the dog. After that, I kept the closet light on.


And this computer is fine,but the chair’s too low so I am now resorting to typing standing up. I could use my laptop, which is in the dining room next to the kitchen, but that table is too high and the word program is only a sample and doesn’t have all the features I need.


The easy part is the teenagers. They’re never here. They grab a pizza and scram, usually to work. Believe me, they work a lot more than I did at their age. So, I make meals for myself only, which is what I do at home.


Did I say I was short? Well, my daughter’s bed is so high that I have to use a footstool to get in and out, and of course look out for the dog who tends to settle down right by the bed.


With all the stairs, which I’m not used to, I may make inroads on my diet, which my doctor refuses let me call that. Well, it’s a lot easier than saying, the plan that allows me to lose weight.


I’m getting a lot of writing done, though most of it’s by hand since I can’t type very fast on either this computer or my laptop.However, I like doing first drafts by hand.


Then there’s another thing I have to get used to. My apartment is always too warm: third floor – and this house is a lot colder. Right now, my fingers are freezing and I haven’t yet figured out the thermostat.


All in all, I’m considering this an adventure. And it’ll be lucky, despite the stairs, if I don’t gain weight as my daughter put in a great many food supplies.


Actually, I’m enjoying myself. Maybe she’s right – I won’t want to go home.


There’s one really positive thing I can report. My eye is getting better. Three weeks ago I could only see shades of gray (and I’m not talking about the book) with my left eye. I can now see colors, people, and even some words when I look at the TV. And a little while ago, I discovered I could read some of the words in the book I was reading. I have another injection next Thursday and I have hopes that I’ll get close to normal sight back in that eye.


I’ll sign off for now. I’m too cold to stand here writing.


Joan K. Maze-