Life Interrupts…

I was doing fairly well with my novella, writing something every day…  Then, things happened.  My son had his wisdom teeth removed.  It has been almost a week and he’s finally getting back to normal.  It was a week of pampering him and making sure he took his medicine.

Then, the olympics started.  Distracted.  I love gymnastics and swimming.  So…  my writing fell by the wayside.

I’m hoping to start again tomorrow.  At least write something.  I’m terrified to go back to my novella and see that what I wrote was not very good.  But, I’ll muddle through somehow.  And keep going until I finish.  I’ll keep you posted, even though I didn’t finish the novella in month.  I hope to really finish it by next month!  I’m always the optimist.

So, how about you?  How did it go?  What distracts you from writing and how do you get back on track?

Until next time…hope your writing is inspired!