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As promised, personal ghost stories this month in honor of my DH who fancies himself a “ghost hunter”.  Or at least he did until one too many “coincidences”  made him give that up for some other hobby.

Let me tell you our wedding anniversary is Oct. 30, very close to Halloween.  In fact where I grew up, this was known as mischief night.  Very appropriate since my hubby has a great sense of humor and is always willing to laugh at himself or to play harmless  tricks for the amusement factor.

We usually celebrate our anniversary with a trip and it often include historical sites or haunted Bed & Breakfast Inns.  One of our favorites is T’Frere’s House, 1905 Verot School Road, in Lafayette La.

This is not only our favorite place to stay in Southern Louisiana but the favorite of many others.  The Hosts are always gracious and charming and you won’t be treated more hospitably anywhere in the world.

The story goes that a young Cajun woman who had been a bride very much in love, lost her husband before the end of the first year of her marriage.  As was the custom at the time she was to be secluded in her mourning period, not to socialize for any reason.  Her family knew her to be a lively young woman who often flaunted the conventions of society and she was often seen in public with her hair unbound and her shoes off exposing her lower legs and ankles.  Her family feared for their standing in the community and so she was sent to her single younger brothers property in the country to stay during her period of mourning.  She originally had servants with her but sent them away when the continued to report her lapses in etiquette to her family.

During on outbreak of “fever” possibly yellow fever, which commonly plagued southern Louisiana, Amilee became ill.  Alone without servants or neighbors to help her, she soon became delirious.  Historians and the Inn’s owner are not certain what happened to her but she was found at the bottom of the well, drowned.

I have a hard time believing this young woman killed herself, but rather that delirious with fever she fell into the well and was drowned.  And I have good reason to believe it.

We’ve had several stays at T’Frere’s House, and we’ve seen or heard Amilee every time.  On the first occasion she pulled my husbands big toe as he was falling asleep.  When I insisted I hadn’t done it, and it had to be “the ghost” he grumbled, and wrapping my arms around him and holding my hands he turned over to go back to sleep, only to have his toe pulled again.  It really scared him and was a long time before he drifted off.

Several hours later, after insisting there was no ghost, he and I saw and heard books fly across the room to hit the wall.  The noise was incredible and woke up the guests across the hall.  When we turned on the lights no books could be found.  There was a full moon and so we saw the books when the lights were out.  The other guests inquired if we were “all right in there”.  They told us the next morning they’d been awakened by the sound of someone running the spinning wheel in the weaving room.

On another stay my husband bemoaned the fact that you never “actually see” a ghost when you want to, and while loading the car in the drive we saw the curtain pull back in the second story window and a dark-haired woman waved to us.  The owner at the Inn  Maugey  was downstairs on the porch with her husband and we were the last guests to leave.

Creepy? No, I don’t think so.  I think because of her strict family and her history of flaunting the rules Aimlee is afraid to cross over.  Or maybe she just enjoys the guest at the B&B?

You can see pictures of the lovely house on T’Frere’s House website.  Again the hospitality is spectacular, the hosts are incredible innkeepers and the ghost is real. Even now with the well where she drowned covered over, she will make an appearance, usually on some daily chore.  She’ll caution you with a finger to her lips not to wake the other guests.  Very considerate for a ghost.

6 thoughts on “Ghost Stories

  1. Ane! Great post. I love the intrigue and mystery surrounding ghosts. I love to be scared. 🙂 Amilee seemed more mischievous then scary. Great story. Can’t wait for next week’s post. Thanks Ane!

    • Thanks for taking the time to read Laurel. She is mischievous, the owner told us she only appears to or taunts lover, (Blush) and of course we were thrilled to hear that.

    • Yes, it is a terrific place, and you go right by my house on the way from your house to southern Louisiana. So be sure to let me know, you can stop by for moire ghost stories, LOL!

  2. What a fascinating though scary post. I love ghost stories, though I can’t claim to ever have been in the presence of a ghost. Some years ago I visited Charleston, S.C. and wanted to go on the ghost tour, but didn’t have the opportunity. Louisiana and S.C. are both great “ghost” places and some day I will go to both. Thanks for posting this.


    • Thanks for visiting with me Joan. With Halloween coming, I know everyone wants to read a ghost story!

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