Gone Fishin’

Fishing takes a certain type of person. It’s not for everyone. It requires the ability to sit for long periods of time without any gratification and still think you’re having the time of your life.  And don’t forget that before you can even go fishing you have to think about where you’re going , what you hope to catch and how you’re going to achieve your goal. And do it again if you don’t.

Location, or the setting, is very important. The perfect spot has to be planned for what you’re trying to catch. The tackle to catch these elusive creatures is different depending on what you’re trying to land. I wouldn’t use the same bait for trout as I would catfish.  And technique, well, every good fisherman has his own special technique for landing the big one.

So why do people fish?

There are many reasons. Seeking peace and quiet-of being one with their thoughts. Some excel with the competition of other fisherman. Others seek the exhilaration of the challenge. They all enjoy the rush when the line is pulled tight and the pure joy of yanking one from the water.

 I don’t fish. I leave that to my husband.

But I do write.

Over the years I’ve found the concepts are very close. I sit for long periods of time without any nibbles. I have to pick my setting to reflect my characters. My tackle box-all the books, classes and critiques I’ve received-is full and will continue to grow as I seek more . Technique is my own special one; some refer to this as voice. 

Like fishermen I write because it makes me happy, gives me satisfaction. I experience pure joy every time I finish a book or come up with the idea of one. I can’t imagine not writing.  

Even if I didn’t catch what I set out to, (a.k.a agent/publisher) I’m still content to just sit and dream and write. Because I know if I persist long enough I will get my catch. I will. As I hope you do.

So good luck and enjoy the rest of your day.

Talk to you next week. I’ve gone fishin’.