My apologies for not posting last week, I was out of town for my number one fan’s wedding (aka my best friend). It was by far one of the most elegant and fairy tale weddings I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending.

As a writer of romance I have the expectation that two people will fall in love, they will make a commitment to one another, and they will live happy ever after.  Isn’t that the way all Disney princess movies end is with a wedding to their prince charming? Isn’t it most every girl that daydreams about how they want their wedding to be when they grow up. I know as a reader I want my characters married, or at least on the way to the alter – that is the reason after all that we demand happy endings. 

I’ve written only three wedding scenes and all of them are arranged marriages.  I like the idea of a no muss no fuss set up of an arranged marriage most likely because there is no dating, which means no going through a string of losers and psychos to find the perfect guy. As a divorced woman I can say with all certainty that dating and trying to find a good guy really sucks.  I’d much rather have a guy that someone has picked out, we work out our issues and then tada – we fall helplessly in love with one another


What kinds of weddings do you like to read/write about?  What characters fictional or real have your vote for idealistic wedding?



Retreat or Treat?

This past week I attended my local romance writer’s retreat. The event was held in a fabulous B&B in a small mountain town. The dynamic Main St. with sparkling shops, galleries and breweries was a daily jaunt for many, myself included. The weather was perfect with fall’s crisp breezes carrying our happy words. The food was flavorful and fulfilling. And the company, well, the company was the icing on the whole trip.  The real treat in retreat.

Hands down the most important element and the reason I go every year.

A chance to revisit with old friends, make some new and regain a sense of zest for what I do. It’s like receiving a present every time I go.  A writer’s life can be very solitary, but the need to connect with the outside and one another to truly important. To write about life one needs to experience it.

And did we!

Here was a group of people from all venues in life and for one great weekend we united and shared. We talked about what our passions were, what we loved, why we did with enthusiasm, and what we were going to do about it in the future. And lots of other stuff I dare not post. Lots of stuff… I don’t think I’ve laughed so much or so hard in such a short amount of time. My cheeks still ache from smiling. Whoever thought of the games I salute you.

 I wish everyone the same great experience as I.

Refueling is what I liken the experience with. I cannot wait to continue with my friendships and make many more in the future. The time to relax, reflect and let our hair down was worth every moment of missed sleep.

Goals, dreams and vows were made in that mountain town and I hope they are all met, gained and completed by everyone single person who set them. Success is waiting when you’re ready to accept it.

To all for a wonderful weekend, Slàinte (cheers in Gaelic).

Until next year…

Summer Mahan